Diplomatic company "Algoworks"


At the time of joining of the candidate, they say that you need to serve one month notice but they fire the employee without giving any notice period after that they don't want to see that same employee for a one second even. They told to their senior to inform him to leave the company at all.

They hire for the software engineer profile but they keep you work for admin role. The whole management is diplomatic.

They always give prefrence to their refreered employees. They do salary appraisal on the basis of unfair practice and didn't give the salary for the last month.


Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India #859011

This is absolutely wrong, I work for this company from years now...Why don't you contact their HR team, they are nice guys. There are employees working with Algoworks from more than 7 seven years.

Algoworks is also one of those companies that rarely fires, infact even if you don't perform they try to mentor you and make you perform. Also this company is growing fast year on year and in recession too these guys grew...Appraisals every six month is their policy and they do it.

New Delhi, Delhi, India #678464

A good company for only "Timepass". There is no learning and growth at all.

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